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Our Stories


“My name is Kristine. I’m 32 years old and I’ve been a participant of the Pathways Vermont Housing First Program for three years now. I’ve had a lot of setbacks that made my life feel unmanageable. I became pregnant when I was 16 and I gave birth to my first daughter on my 17th birthday, […]

Jed in Brattleboro

My time spent being homeless was exhausting. I was constantly emotionally and physically drained. I developed blisters on the soles of my feet that didn’t heal seem to heal. It was very painful. The community helped me out wherever and whenever they could. I was given a sleeping bag, pillow and a mat and I […]

Justin in Middlebury

It was a brisk fall day in Middlebury, Vermont when we met Justin on his front patio, overlooking beautiful mountain views. Justin was all smiles as he welcomed us into his home. “You know this is only the second time I’ve opened this door!” he shared. About an hour prior to our arrival, Justin had […]

A Story of Strength and Survival

Jenn (pictured right above holding her dog Chloe) grew up in what she described as a “pretty amazing family.” She spent most of her childhood working on farms and discovered a special love of horses. Jenn trained show and race horses and also witnessed the therapeutic nature of the animals. “We would work with kids […]

Jeff in Brattleboro

“When I first crossed paths with Pathways it was July of 2012 and I had checked into the Brattleboro Retreat and struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues (depression and anxiety) for a long time. I pretty much had hit another bottom. I checked in there and stayed for six weeks and from there […]

Sabrena and Michelle

We met Sabrena, Michelle and their two baby boys, Duncan and Andrew back in July. Through our veterans housing program we were able to find them a lovely apartment in Winooski to call home. They now have big plans for themselves and their family. Here is Sabrena and Michelle’s story in their own words: Sabrena: […]

Howard at the Community Center

When Pathways Vermont launched the Pathways Vermont Community Center ( originally The Wellness Co-op) in 2012 we had a vision of a space where people from different parts of the community could come together to learn, connect, and grow…and what better way to do that then with a community meal? With a Community Development Block […]

Meet Lachlan

“I think it was some sort of miracle that I ended up here, because I don’t know what would have happened otherwise. They’ve been very understanding what some of my strengths and weaknesses are. But it’s been up to me, I haven’t been enabled. They’ve given me potential directions to go in and it’s been […]

Jonathan in Barre

Pathways met Jonathan a little over a year ago when he first entered our Department of Corrections Housing First Program. He had found himself in a cycle of homelessness and incarceration that he wanted to stop. Over the last year, we have been privileged to watch Jon get on his feet and start to build […]

Mary in Westminster

Meet Mary and her dog Nellie from Westminster. After a number of unfortunate events, Mary found herself homeless. Now, safely housed, Mary and Nellie are looking forward to the future once more. “My mother had started a non-profit organization and I worked there 32 years full time, I had a night job and went to […]