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Pathways Vermont is made up of over 125 dedicated staff who are hard at work to provide access to services and
support across the state of Vermont. Interested in joining our team? Find out by visiting our careers page.


Hilary Melton

Executive Director

Maria Moore

Director of Development and Communications

Jean Marie Napoliello

Human Resources Manager

Rebeka Lawrence-Gomez

Assistant Director

Molly Shriver-Blake, LSCW

Clinical Services Manager

Riis Whitworth

Mental Health Services Director

Lindsay Mesa

Housing First Program Director

Tom Kimball

IT Manager

Amanda Kurtz

Finance Director

Tori Marukelli

Statewide Services Manager

Staff Directory

Name Title Email Extension Location
Jennifer Andrews Representative Payee 143 Statewide
June Shanahan Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Statewide
Mohamad Alrubaie Finance Associate Statewide
Tim Nyhus Program Assistant 156 Statewide
KC Carpenter Development and Grants Assistant 152 Statewide
Maria Moore Director of Development and Communications 910 Statewide
Riis Whitworth Mental Health Services Director 163 Statewide
J Helms Training and Education Facilitator 144 Statewide
Clara Duman Executive Assistant Statewide
Sarah Clark Housing First Billing and Program Coordinator 155 Statewide
Jean Marie Napoliello Human Resources Manager 161 Statewide
Chelsea Alsofrom Housing First Administration and Quality Improvement Manager 164 Statewide
Penelope Endres IT Assistant Statewide
Tom Kimball IT Manager 113 Statewide
Amanda Kurtz Finance Director 160 Statewide
Rebeka Lawrence-Gomez Assistant Director 102 Statewide
Amos Meacham Intake Coordinator (HF, Soteria) 140 Statewide
Hilary Melton Executive Director 103 Statewide
Molly Shriver-Blake, LSCW Clinical Services Manager 924 Statewide
Ethan Waterson Offices Manager 126 Statewide
Family Supportive Housing
Megan Plante Family Supportive Housing Service Coordinator 305 Franklin
Alyssa Stetson Family Supportive Housing Service Coordinator 162 Franklin
Housing First - Permanent Supportive Housing
Skylar Kelley, RN ACT Team Nurse Washington
Jes Stolpp Service Coordinator 135 Windham, Windsor
Dan Finnegan ACT Team Lead 145 Franklin
Jenn Chamberlin, RN Nurse Chittenden
Trevor Robinson Service Coordinator Windsor
Katie Murphy Service Coordinator 129 Chittenden
Sandra Jenkins ACT Team Lead 119 Washington
Brooke Brownell ACT Team Lead 168 Windsor
Kathy Pell Service Coordinator 151 Windham
Michelle D’Hooghe Service Coordinator 915 Windsor
Sarah Clark Housing First Billing and Program Coordinator 155 Statewide
Ashley McHale Service Coordinator
Ian Hines Housing Coordinator Chittenden
Jacob Patkin Service Coordinator Chittenden
Laura Sepe Service Coordinator Washington
Lindsey Burnell Service Coordinator Chittenden
Ollie DeSalvatore Service Coordinator Franklin
Veronica Russell Service Coordinator Chittenden
Soren Bouchard Service Coordinator Bennington
Jim Guckenberger Service Coordinator 918 Chittenden
Cheryl Macinnis Jackins ACT Team Lead 130 Windham
Nels Kloster, MD Psychiatrist 136 Windham, Windsor
Tia Lewis Community Integration DOC Services Manager 115 Washington
Tori Marukelli Statewide Services Manager 601 Statewide
Lindsay Mesa Housing First Program Director 110 Statewide
Lauren Passalacqua ACT Team Lead 137 Chittenden
Michael Rapaport, MD Psychiatrist 121 Washington
Tom Simpatico, MD Medical Director 105 Statewide
Lena Szumowski Co-Team Lead 109 Chittenden
Jeff Wacker ACT Team Lead 153 Addison
Housing First - Rapid Rehousing
Chandler Poling RRH Team Lead 117 Bennington
David Bogdan HMIS Administrative Coordinator 710 Statewide
Brett Lindabury RRH Service Coordinator 709 Windham, Windsor
Justin Bibee RRH Statewide Team Lead 141 Statewide
Gordon Alexander RRH Service Coordinator
Aimee Harrison RRH Service Coordinator Bennington, Windham
Anna Thomson RRH Service Coordinator
Cameron Collins RRH Service Coordinator Chittenden
Hanna Johnson RRH Service Coordinator
Stephanie Woodcock RRH Service Coordinator Bennington
Sydney Hayday-Novak RRH Service Coordinator Chittenden
Pathways Vermont Community Center
Ashley Bernstein Employment Specialist
Chris Nial Community Center Team Lead
Riis Whitworth Mental Health Services Director 163 Statewide
Edward Burke Peer Support Specialist 309
Bert Dyer Peer Support Specialist
Abby Levinsohn Employment and Outreach Services Lead 303
Pathways Vermont Support Line
Dianne Munson Support Line Operator
Alana Raquel Support Line Operator
Daniel Towle Support Line Operator
Myllasa Riggins Support Line Operator
Shannon Harness Support Line Operator
Ashley Lumbra Support Line Operator
Christen Ilacqua Support Line Operator
Woody Maves Support Line Operator
Melissa Picard Support Line Operator
Cindy Therrian Support Line Operator
Riis Whitworth Mental Health Services Director 163 Statewide
Cynthia Christensen Support Line Operator
Alexander Ferguson 1st Shift Team Lead 312
Jennifer Furey 2nd Shift Team Lead
Jack Gower Support Line Operator
Cheryl Marro 3rd Shift Team Lead 131
Red Clover Properties - Housing Program
Max Dybvig Team Lead South 149 Windham, Windsor
Christin Prue Property Manager South 708 Bennington
Nicole Canto Team Lead North 124 Addison, Franklin
Nacara Foss Property Manager North 947
Michael Hind Housing Coordinator
Dan Coppock HF and DOC Housing Coordinator 150 Chittenden, Washington
Jenny Johnson Statewide Housing Manager 604 Statewide
Soteria House
Jacob Cribbs Resident Support Staff
Jon Weisbecker Resident Support Staff
Joseph Veronneau Resident Support Staff
Bo Bomeisl Service Coordinator
Mary Anne Kohn APRN
Mer Cosentino Resident Support Staff
William Keeton Resident Support Staff
JP Bombardier Resident Support Staff
Justin Gentry Resident Support Staff
Loren Deron House Manager 404
Moth Nasta Resident Support Staff
Nico Oldfield Resident Support Staff
Isabel Dunkley Resident Support Staff
Koblavi Dogah Resident Support Staff
Kathy Cassidy Resident Support Staff
Ben Hallman Resident Support Staff
Alexsandria Fleischmann Resident Support Staff
Riis Whitworth Mental Health Services Director 163 Statewide
Eryn Sheehan Peer Resident Staff
Daniel Rosenson Resident Support Staff
Erin Kellar Resident Support Staff
Matt Kimball Service Coordinator 123
Ibnar Stratibus 1st Shift Team Lead
Specialized Support Services
Kevin Egan SSP Support Specialist Washington
Anatole Höcek SSP Support Specialist 706 Windham
Riis Whitworth Mental Health Services Director 163 Statewide
Michele Richardson SSP Support Specialist Washington, Windham
Corbin Burstein SSP Team Lead 116 Windsor
Supportive Services for Veterans Families - SSVF
Carey Lynn Braidt Housing Coordinator
Elizabeth Anderson Service Coordinator
Becky Coleman Housing Coordinator
Stacia Melick Service Coordinator 401 Chittenden
Danielle Rochford Program Assistant Statewide
Marc Price SSVF Team Lead 608 Statewide
Lyndsay Sargeant Service Coordinator Washington
Sean Connolly Service Coordinator 914 Chittenden
Kim Wells Service Coordinator 602 Chittenden
Brenna Jepson Service Coordinator 607 Rutland
David Shaw Service Coordinator 603 Addison
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