Mary in Westminster

Meet Mary and her dog Nellie from Westminster. After a number of unfortunate events, Mary found herself homeless. Now, safely housed, Mary and Nellie are looking forward to the future once more.

My mother had started a non-profit organization and I worked there 32 years full time, I had a night job and went to school full time … whoever would have thought, after 32 years of having my own place, [I’d be homeless]. They say you’re one paycheck, two paychecks from being homeless … sometimes I was staying with friends, sometimes in my car, sometimes in hotels and that’s where I met John [from Pathways]. I had a good feeling about him … Pathways was really good to me and they never made me feel small and John would say, “It’s just a new start.” I never felt so lost and afraid of the future and they told me that I could get training and get work part time … I’m really grateful to them because I was so depressed with all the loss.

When I finally got housing, it was much better. They helped me build a bridge back to my mother too and I can say the last few years of her life we were in a much better place. Every single person I’ve met from Pathways, they all have the same kindness, professional boundaries. They double check and worry about things and make sure things get accomplished. They are very good about keeping after things, so I believe that if I get through these next six months I’ll have a second wind …”

– Mary in Westminster

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