About Our Training Programs

For over a decade, Pathways Vermont has been implementing innovative programs that end homelessness and provide alternative mental health solutions to Vermonters in need. Our staff are considered leaders in their field and have a diverse background of skills and training as well as lived experience. We work everyday to reach folks that can be left behind in traditional models of care to support them to lead successful and meaningful lives within the community.

Training Institute

Pathways Vermont Training Institute has provided training and technical assistance to a variety of individuals and agencies around the world. Our goals include: providing a foundation for a human connection approach to service delivery, supporting new programs to implement Housing First with high fidelity to the evidence-based practice, and supporting systems-change to end homelessness in communities across the world. Clients have included groups from the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Bhutan, England, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Washington.

Peer Workforce Development Innitiative

Pathways Vermont is a leader in the state’s peer workforce movement and is working to greatly improve consistency, infrastructure, communication, and resource sharing among the peer-workforce community. We are dedicated to ensuring that all Vermonters are in a position to lead meaningful lives in their community.

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