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Pathways Rural Outreach Program and Services

Pathways Vermont’s Rural Outreach Program and Services (PROPS)

In 2023, Pathways Vermont was awarded a grant by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to engage and connect with Vermonters who are experiencing homelessness. The PROPS team uses a peer approach to services to connect with participants who have yet to engage with other providers.

Pathways Rural Outreach Program and Services (PROPS) engages with and connects Vermonters who are experiencing homelessness to existing resources and benefits to help meet their needs and improve their lives. Outreach will be to those individuals with serious mental health challenges (SMI) or co-occurring SMI and substance use.

Pathways Vermont’s PROPS Team Will:

  • Be mobile and flexible
  • Emphasize rural locations
  • Focus on marginalized groups and persons with the most significant vulnerability
  • Increase access to existing services and supports for persons experiencing homelessness in Vermont
  • Ensure cultural competency and sensitivity to underserved and overrepresented populations
  • Decrease need for hospitalization, criminal justice involvement, and emergency services response among program participants
  • Improve participants’ access to physical and mental health services and social connections

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