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About Our Programs

Pathways Vermont offers a variety of different programs to individuals throughout the State of Vermont. While they are diverse in nature, all of our programs operate under the same general mission: to provide access to services and resources that are human-centered and support diverse roads to wellness. Browse our available programs and services on this page to learn more.

Housing First

We know it is possible to end chronic homelessness in Vermont

Pathways Vermont’s Housing First Program believes that housing is a basic human right. We also believe that the best way to ensure this right for all members of our communities is to prioritize access to permanent housing. The Housing First program provides independent housing and community based supports to individuals who are experiencing homelessness and have a history of mental health and other life challenges, many of whom do not or can not utilize more traditional services offered by the system of care.

Pathways Vermont Community Center

Cultivating Community in the Old North End

The Pathways Vermont Community Center is a peer-run community center. The Community Center is a place to feel supported and part of a community. Here individuals can take comfort in knowing that they are understood and surrounded by supportive energy. The Center offers fun and engaging activities, interesting discussion circles, employment assistance and a space to relax, use a computer or wi-fi, and feel at ease.

Pathways Vermont Soteria House

We believe the best way out is always through

Pathways Vermont’s Soteria program offers an alternative living environment for Vermonters experiencing an early crisis. At Soteria, we believe that the experience of non-consensus reality can be a temporary experience that one works through rather than a chronic mental illness that needs to be managed. We support clients to develop skills to navigate their experiences using a broad range of methods, encouraging them to find what makes sense for them. These may include: creative expression, breathwork, spiritual practice, nutrition, psychoactive medication, herbalism and more. Pathways Vermont is honored by this opportunity to be part of such an important moment in the history of community mental health in Vermont.

Forensic Assertive Community Treatment (FACT)

The Forensic Assertive Community Treatment (FACT) team is an evidence-based forensic adaptation of Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) with over 40 years of research and evaluation. FACT is recognized by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to be a promising practice.

Pathways Vermont Support Line

Creating Connection for All Vermonters @ (833) VT-TALKS / (833) 888-2557

The Vermont Support line is a free, confidential resource for all Vermonters over the age of 18 who are looking for someone to talk to. The Support Line is staffed by individuals who acknowledge that they have experienced a broad range of struggles of their own and are willing to be open about them.​

You might call the Support Line after a bad day at work or a fight with a friend. You might call when you are thinking about making some major changes in your life but aren’t quite ready to have a discussion with those around you. You might call when you are feeling alone and really just want to talk with someone who cares about how your day went. You can call the Support Line for any of these reasons or for any other reason you might want. We are here to listen.

Pathways Rural Outreach Program and Services

The Pathways Vermont Rural Outreach Program and Services (PROPS) engages with and connects Vermonters who are experiencing homelessness to existing resources and benefits to help meet their needs and improve their lives.

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