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Meet Scott!

Scott, a native Vermonter, grew up in the Champlain Valley, with part of his childhood spent on a dairy farm. From his days at Harwood and Essex High Schools to pursuing a new direction at Job Corps in Vergennes, where he earned his GED and certifications in welding and business management, Scott’s path has been one of constant learning and growth. Scott describes himself as someone who is educated, hardworking, determined, helpful, and a reformed member of society. Scott has many passions and hobbies including fishing, painting, reading, and studying court cases that have made a difference both in Vermont and nationally.

In 1988, Scott, alongside his first wife and their two children, laid down roots in the White River Valley. Life brought its changes, including new marriages and various job roles, until 2010 when Scott was incarcerated. Scott was incarcerated for 11 ½ years before he was released and began working with Pathways Vermont’s Department of Corrections program.

Scott first heard about Pathways Vermont from fellow inmates during his incarceration. Upon his release, he met the Pathways team, and upon arriving at his new apartment, he encountered a familiar face. He reacted with surprise, “Oh, it’s you!” His new roommate turned out to be someone he knew from incarceration. The two lived together until April 1st 2024, when Scott moved into his own apartment.

Pathways Vermont staff were instrumental in Scott’s transition, supporting Scott in everything from setting up and getting to doctor’s appointments to finding community resources, and helping Scott furnish his new apartment. “Pathways helped me reacclimate to a society that normally wouldn’t give me a second look,” he shared. His newfound independence is a treasure; he loves every part of his new apartment, relishing the solitude that also affords him the freedom to rediscover life on his own terms.

Looking ahead, Scott is eager about the possibilities the year holds: purchasing his own vehicle, nurturing relationships with his family, and deepening his commitment to support others with legal work who are still navigating incarceration. Scott also meets weekly with a friend to find ways to help the community. “I have a job, my health is being taken care of, I have a roof over my head and food in my stomach. I am not just surviving, I am thriving. If I didn’t have Pathways to help me learn to be more self-sufficient, I would probably just be surviving” he says with a smile.

To those unfamiliar with Pathways, he advises, “Educate yourself. Even if the program isn’t for you, it might benefit someone you know. It’s a program that works if you work with it.”

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