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Staff Spotlight – Meet Ian!

Hi – I’m Ian!

I am a Housing Coordinator/Navigator for Chittenden County and I have been with Pathways for almost two years now. My role is primarily centered around working with clients who are searching for housing and need assistance identifying and going through all the processes to housing which can often be very confusing and a lot of steps. I am the person who is there to help get from point A to point B and doing everything in between including getting to know them, their story, obstacles and strengths to help them find housing and attain it.

It is inspiring to me to see the before and after-effects of having housing; it is such an important step to helping people stabilize their life. Getting someone a permanent home is the most important stepping stone to recovering their life after whatever events led them to be homeless in the first place. A place away from the chaos of life as a homeless person makes a huge difference, and that is what is so inspiring about our mission.

My most memorable experience was the first time I took someone to a showing, and they were offered the apartment on the spot. It surprised me and made me really happy. The persistence and hard work I had been putting in for months to get this person housed paid off. I am still in touch with her, and it is so great to see her getting pets and creating a home.

Trying to make a difference in someone else’s life is what motivates me. Knowing there are people out there who don’t have a home and are struggling and would struggle less if they had a home is a big motivator.

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