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Staff Spotlight – Meet Loren!

Hi – I’m Loren!

I have worked at Soteria House for four and a half years as a supervisor, and currently hold the position of House Team Lead. I support Soteria by supervising the second shift and overseeing our house regulations for the state. I am someone who appreciates genuine connection with others, adventures in nature and in gardening, and learning about psychology. I also value hard work and pranks that are kind in nature.

In my day-to-day role at Soteria House I try to prioritize being with residents and staff as much as possible. This often includes in-depth conversations about someone’s experience of extreme state or making meaning, as well as brief check-ins and sometimes sharing of gratitude over dinner. I support the house also by organizing and cleaning projects, as well as intra-leadership discussions and planning for staffing.

I am inspired by Pathways’ mission to end homelessness and provide innovative mental health alternatives because I believe that all people have the right to housing, as well as finding meaning in their experiences when in crisis. I appreciate Soteria specifically for being a non-judgmental place for residents to explore their experiences, with or without medications (depending on someone’s preference).

At Soteria I get to experience a sense of belonging that comes from working in a community, with residents who may engage in meaningful conversations and staff who truly appreciate team work, and working toward a collective vision of making meaning in a way that each resident values. I feel inspired to work at Soteria every day.

One of my most memorable experiences at Pathways was a resident outing to a favorite nature spot at night, where all residents attended. We arrived at the spot just before it got dark, bringing sparkling grape juice and snacks with us.

As it got dark, we watched the fireflies together, and then enjoyed a walk through the woods. This experience felt meaningful to me, as all residents were present and connecting with one another, as well as with staff, and appreciated the magic of witnessing fireflies.

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