Getting Back On My Feet

When you open the door to Jack’s apartment it’s immediately apparent that he takes immense pride in his home. From the photos of family and personal heroes to the beautiful curated house plants that lend warmth to his space, Jack has created an environment from which he can achieve his dreams. Below, in his own words, is his story.

“I came to Vermont in 1989 to go to college and ended up being accepted into a basketball program which kept me here.

I have worked as a truck driver for the past thirteen years but last year I developed glaucoma. I couldn’t see well anymore which meant my profession was out the window. I had no way to make an income.

I was staying with a friend but they ended up moving to Massachusetts and that’s when I became homeless.

Other programs I’ve worked with have been very slow. When I met with Pathways, everything happened right away. I couldn’t believe it. It was wintertime when I was homeless. Three days after I met with Pathways they had an apartment to show me. I couldn’t believe it!

I had nothing when I first moved in but now I’m filling up this space! I was always self-sufficient so I didn’t know how to ask for things like dishes, but they’ve supported me with that. Tian has helped me get vouchers for all sorts of household items.

I am able to look ahead now. I have been working at a cafe but now that I have housing my goal is to be a manager. I’m not dirty, I’m eating right, I have a place to rest so I’m not tired. I feel like I can finally work towards my goals.

I don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen tomorrow and where I’m going to eat or how I’m going to pay my rent. Everything’s starting to work out.”

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