How You Brought Mindy Home

Mindy was introduced to drugs by her older brothers while she was still a teen growing up in West Topsham, Vermont. At the age of 21, an abusive relationship left her alone with a young daughter. Mindy’s opiod addiction spun out of control and she eventually ended up with no place for her and her child to live.

“It was really hard to be homeless in Barre. Shelters would always be full so I’d have to find money to stay in hotels or sleep on the street.”

In one of her lowest moments, Mindy gave up her beloved daughter for adoption.

Mindy’s hard times continued with the death of her mother. “I’m still grieving. It was really hard for me. She was so supportive of me, especially as I was trying to stay clean. I miss her.”

Mindy ended up in jail on drug-related offenses. “I was supposed to get out on my birthday, but I was unable to secure housing. I had to stay in jail. That’s when I met Pathways Vermont.”

With your support Mindy was released this past April and moved into her new home on the same day! “Pathways set me up with a mattress, coffee maker, dishes, cleaning supplies, everything I needed! Now, if I need help going to the food shelf or anything like that they will help me secure a ride. And they help me stay on top of my appointments.”

“I know I can always talk to my team. They are so supportive. They always tell me how proud they are of me, which is really good to hear. They remind me of all the hard work I’ve done. Pathways is so helpful”

“I’m just trying to keep a good head on my shoulders now. My heart is set on finding a job soon. My dream is to eventually save up for a car and I would love to go back to school for cosmetology, I really enjoy doing hair!”
YOU have given Mindy the tools to be able to look ahead and plan for her future. Mindy has so many things to be grateful for now. She is reconnecting with her daughter and looks forward to their weekly phone calls.

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